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DUDES!!! [12 Jan 2009|05:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Yeah so. i been doin the whole myspace thing for a long time. i guess maybe you should add me there if you got one.

punkxgrunge@aol.com = e-mail address to find me under lol. <3

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[09 Nov 2004|05:21pm]
Have to be off now, but like. Me and Brad are fighting for a job lol.

Lets go haha. -lifts fists- haha

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things random [06 Nov 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I lower my eyes
wishing I could cry more
and care less,
yes it's true,
I was trying to Trust someone again,
I was caught caring,
bearing weight

A random poem thing I thought about, and BAM its there.

so now all's you have to do is . . . I dunno read.

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GO GATORS!!!!! [30 Oct 2004|05:37pm]






lets go!!!


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[29 Oct 2004|05:07pm]
Alright one more thing!


Yeah thats so clit right there!!
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[24 Oct 2004|12:10am]
Man Jordan is fucked yo!

Brendon is never gonna ask me out Kris. Give up!!

-laff The Grudge was an awesome movie, and man I . . . awesome.
Rode ma bike
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[17 Oct 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I can't believe it yo. She hates me. What did I do to her. Damnit Jess, fine. Sure Crystal this, and that. She thinks you're annoying yo! So fuckin deal with it, and don't waste your hate on someone who doesn't care k?!

And ok. Who has a problem with me? Let me know ok cause I need to know this stuff. I won't get mad, I just need to know.

Listen I'll post more in a bit

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Convo with Andy o0o LOVE!!!! [03 Oct 2004|08:31pm]
Kiss is a Razor [8:11 PM]: Hello?
vansboy1213 [8:12 PM]: hello who is this
Kiss is a Razor [8:12 PM]: well . . . who is this . . . found you on my buddy list.
vansboy1213 [8:12 PM]: aj
vansboy1213 [8:12 PM]: dameon
vansboy1213 [8:12 PM]: misfit
vansboy1213 [8:12 PM]: you choose
Kiss is a Razor [8:13 PM]: Andy?? Its Amber . . . Jessica's cousin
vansboy1213 [8:13 PM]: ohhh hi
vansboy1213 [8:13 PM]: how are you
Kiss is a Razor [8:13 PM]: good . . . and you?
vansboy1213 [8:13 PM]: fine
vansboy1213 [8:14 PM]: i am chillen at a friends house that i have known for yrs
Kiss is a Razor [8:14 PM]: awesome!
vansboy1213 [8:14 PM]: i miss fl
Kiss is a Razor [8:14 PM]: where are you?!
vansboy1213 [8:14 PM]: i live in west virginia
vansboy1213 [8:15 PM]: now
vansboy1213 [8:15 PM]: its sad i know
Kiss is a Razor [8:15 PM]: why?! thats crazy! no one told me you even left!
vansboy1213 [8:15 PM]: jess didnt??
Kiss is a Razor [8:15 PM]: no
Kiss is a Razor [8:16 PM]: I haven't talked to her
vansboy1213 [8:16 PM]: hmmmm
Kiss is a Razor [8:17 PM]: . . . yeah . . .
vansboy1213 [8:18 PM]: soooooooo
vansboy1213 [8:19 PM]: yea i was in juvie for gettin into a fight at warped tour then i came home and moved cause my g pa died and he left me a will
vansboy1213 [8:19 PM]: sooo
vansboy1213 [8:19 PM]: here i am a month later
Kiss is a Razor [8:19 PM]: ahhhh you need to come back!!! to visit!! ME!! haha
vansboy1213 [8:19 PM]: haha
vansboy1213 [8:19 PM]: i will eventually
vansboy1213 [8:20 PM]: sooooo how was your b day
Kiss is a Razor [8:20 PM]: oh man . . . don't wanna EVER go there -sigh-
Kiss is a Razor [8:20 PM]: bad . . .
vansboy1213 [8:20 PM]: why
vansboy1213 [8:20 PM]: did you loose anything
vansboy1213 [8:21 PM]: *lose
vansboy1213 [8:21 PM]: .......
Kiss is a Razor [8:21 PM]: no . . . I'm glad too . . . dammit! I had the most stupidest people . . AHHH I . . . it sucked
vansboy1213 [8:21 PM]: lol
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: what if i were there
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: huh huh
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: tell me
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: come on
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: you can do it
Kiss is a Razor [8:22 PM]: it'd be good
Kiss is a Razor [8:22 PM]: would have** been good
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: i type way to fast
vansboy1213 [8:22 PM]: lol
Kiss is a Razor [8:22 PM]: nope . . I'm just staring at Tori Amos
vansboy1213 [8:23 PM]: i feel special
vansboy1213 [8:23 PM]: huh
Kiss is a Razor [8:23 PM]: you are . . . kinda . . . . special
vansboy1213 [8:23 PM]: yay
vansboy1213 [8:24 PM]: well i gotta get off here i will be on some other tyme
Kiss is a Razor [8:24 PM]: alright. you should call me sometime
vansboy1213 [8:24 PM]: whats the number
Kiss is a Razor [8:24 PM]: (386) 446 4080
vansboy1213 [8:25 PM]: ttyl
Kiss is a Razor [8:25 PM]: yeah peace
Kiss is a Razor [8:26 PM]: . . . and love . . . I'm OwT
vansboy1213 signed off at 8:27 PM
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Wow man . . . look what Kristi gave me today . . . [01 Oct 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | Need people to do this!!! ]

               Boycott for Equality


 On Friday October 8th All Gay, lesbian, Transsexuals, Bisexual's, and their straight Allies are taking the day off from generating taxes to show how important they are to the U.S economy.

How to participate:

1.) Take the day off from work, and school. this will impact overall economic productivity

2.) Do NOT purchase A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G . This will impact the overall economic productivity.

3.) Do NOT talk on your phone [ Optional ]

Go to WWW.Boycottforequality.org For more information


It'll be great you should ALL do it YO!



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wow [23 Sep 2004|04:03pm]
The FULL Heartagram
You are the FULL heartagram, the ultimate of HIM
symbols. People worship you and all you stand

Which HIM Symbol Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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sgh [20 Sep 2004|06:45am]
grounded be back sunday -sigh-

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-Sigh- [12 Sep 2004|01:38am]
heard Vendicated by DashBoard, and cried. Also heard There goes my Hero by Foo Fighters, and Cried. Then I heard some Pearl Jam song, and cried. It all reminded me of Sara. I hate fighting with people I care so much about. But how can I care so much about them when I put them through so much crap? I don't know.

Kill me please. I can't take it anymore.

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To remember [11 Sep 2004|03:33pm]
"I pledge allegance to the Flag. Of the US of A, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty, and justice for all" - In rememberance of 9/11 we pledge.
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Just for the record . . . [11 Sep 2004|03:11pm]
I'm sorry for being mad at Billy so long. Apparently it ruins alot of things.

I just put myself into the same situation I promised myself I should never get

Into. Now I see its too late, and if I lose Sara's friendship over it, then I do

Sure it won't make anything better, things will get worse actually, but it is

her choice, not mine, not Billy's, not anyones, just her's. And if I have to kill

myself over it later I'm sure lots of you will be happy -fakes a giddy laugh-

This will never happen to me again. I might as well just move back home. No one

wants a friend like me! Sorry if this makes anyone mad or sad. I'm just that type

of person I guess. To be hated by so many use to be a good thing till' I found

out what a real friend was. Then it just went down hill. Stone wall of hatred are

being built as I type. No one wants a friend like me

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FUCK! [10 Sep 2004|02:41pm]
You were suppose to hang with me, and Brad!!!
Not KATIE!!!
Oh well . . . I'll try again for your next day off.

someone please come over, or call me!! what I have is not contagous!!
Found out its not strep throat, tis just a bad case of mono.
Damn that Andy haha.
I want to hang, and play aggervation!! Someone, anyone [ but Sana ] PLEASE!!
call me, 446-4080, or let me know if your on that you wanna chill, and I'll give ya directions to the house, and you can come chill. Then maybe mom will let me go out for a bit!!
I'm owwty
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Wow me, and Kristi have something in common -don't matter though- [09 Sep 2004|02:41pm]

Your Specialty: Fetish Sex

You are the master (no pun intended) of BDSM.

It's no doubt that you like a little bit of pain and piercing ...

And are probably quite experienced already.

You're probably into both girls and guys as you've always been known to experiment.

What's Your Sex Specialty?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

ha how cool!

You Attract A Good Amount of Guys

While you may not get the most offers in the room,

You've got a good thing going - dating wise

You could flirt more and dress up a bit to attract more guys

But in general, you are doing just fine!

Are You Attractive? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.


I don't . . . it lying!

oh well . . . bored, sick, tired, in pain . . . CALL ME!!! we'll have a shin-dig!!

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What I did for Frannie [07 Sep 2004|02:24pm]
The storm was great for me.

Was in Tenn.

Had a jacuzzi!

but the fam drives ya nutts.

Slept on the hardest bed known to man!
-Wishes someone would have come.- Sara couln't come. blah reasons!

I took all these awesome goddamn pix, and this damn digi-cam deleted EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!

-Screams at wonderful cloudy sky.-

Have ta love the weather.

see ya'll round -school tomorrow I think-

[ old, but hey . . . from Brad's LJ ]

[x] gum: wintergreen [*Keep same answer as Brad*]
[x] color: Pixie Dust
[x] restaurant: Fusion
[x] drink: Dr. Pepper!!
[x] season: autumn
[x] type of weather: Hurricaneish -if its not a word . . . it is now!-
[x] emotion: Shaky/upset/confussed
[x] late-night activity: quarters
[x] sport: Soccer
[x] city: Willoubghy, Ohio
[x] store: Swingers Club

[x] cried: uhm, yesterday ago
[x] played a sport: yesterday ago
[x] laughed: today
[x] hugged someone: yesterday
[x] kissed someone: dont remember
[x] felt depressed: Thurday ago
[x] felt overworked: monday
[x] faked sick: Never -in this house ya can't get away with it.-
[x] lied: not sure? probably this week to a teacher or something

______WHAT WAS THE LAST_____
[x] thing you said: Spanky stole my monkey back, and Vanessa hit my sister!!!! KILL VANESSA.!!!!
[x] thing you ate: uhm . . . Ham sammich
[x] song you listened to: SotY - Anthem of Our Dying Day
[x] thing you drank: Tea
[x] place you went to: Wal-Mart
[x] movie you saw: South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut [ only a few minutes] then I changed it to Kenshin!
[x] movie you rented: I DOn't know! -Girr

[x] hugged: Brad [ like millions of dayzes ago
[x] cried over: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ _ _ _ _
[x] danced with: Me, Myself, and I
[x] shared a secret with: no one . . . .
[x] had a sleepover with: JESS!! -wasn't here though haha-
[x] called: Saruhhhhhhhhhh!!! *hi*
[x] went to a movie with: um . . . . G-ma
[x] saw: G-ma
[x] were angry with: Kristen the satanic child

_____HAVE YOU EVER_____
[x] danced in the rain: yes
[x] kissed someone: yes
[x] done drugs: . . . . . . . . . . . _ _ _
[x] drank alcohol: yes
[x] slept around: no
[x] partied 'til the sun came up: not partied . . . . _ _ _ _ _ _
[x] had a movie marathon: yes
[x] gone too far on a date: no
[x] spun until you were immensely dizzy: yes
[x] taken a survey quite like this before: sadly, yes

_____MY LIFE_____
[x] name: Amber, Am, Ambee
[x] gender: Female
[x] martial status: single
[x] occupation: . . . . . . . . . Just . . . . . . . . .

[x] i'm feeling: bored
[x] i'm listening to: Keith Urban?
[x] i'm doing: this
[x] i'm talking to: no one
[x] i'm craving: mcdonalds
[x] i'm thinking of: school
[x] i'm hating: some . . . all . . . nothing . . . . everything.

[x] love is: deathly sickening -now *rollseyes*-
[x] my first love: Nick *tear*
[x] my current date:tis not dating right now
[x] love or lust: luff *steals Brads answer*
[x] best love song: . . . . . . Love you out-loud - Rascal Flats *heard lots of country in Tenn.-
[x] is it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time: I believe it is . . . . depends
[x] is there such thing as love at first sight: I do . . . maybe you don't , but I do

_____OPPOSITE SEX_____
[x] turn on’s: personality, certain percings, rain.
[x] do my parent's opinion on my date matter to me: Not at all
[x] what kinda hairstyle am i into: does it matter?
[x] what is the sweetest thing someone can do for me: be there for me.
[x] where do i go to meet new people: where do you go?
[x] am i the type of person to holler and ask for numbers: Is Charlie Daniels Dead?!

[x] how am i today: Giddy
[x] what pants am i wearing right now?: Black, and red skirt, tank top, dockers hat
[x] what shirt am i wearing right now: black tank top
[x] what does my hair look like at the moment: braided?
[x] what song am i listening to right now: Days go by- Keith Urban
[x] how is the weather right now: cloudy
[x] what time is it: 2:40pm

_____MORE ABOUT ME!_____
[x] what are the last four digits of my phone number: 4080
[x] if i were a crayon, what color would i be: gray, or pink
[x] have i ever almost died: uncountable nuber of times
[x] what's the next cd i'm going to buy: Do I know, no . . . maybe . . . . um . . .. nope
[x] what's the best advice ever given to me: We are no bodies, no body is perfect, there-for we are perfect.
[x] what's the stupidest thing i've ever done: I don't have enough fingers, and toes to count all of them
[x] if i could change one thing about myself what would it be: my entirety
[x] where do i shop the most: Walli world -wal-mart-
[x] how many kids do i want to have: I’m really not thinking about kids. but if I have to say . . . two
[x] shampoo: Sauve
[x] what am i most scared of: loneliness
[x] how many tv's do i have in my house: 6
[x] do i have my own tv: yes
[x] do i have my own phone line: yup, now I do
[x] do i sleep with a stuffed animal: sometimes
[x] have i ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: yes
[x] who do i dream about: people
[x] who do i tell my dreams to: Sara
[x] who's the loudest friend i have: god . . . um . . . Amber
[x] who's the quietest friend i have: Sara
[x] is cheerleading a sport: I dunno, is it?

_____ME AND LOVE_____
[x] do i have a girl/boyfriend: No
[x] do i have a crush: I guess
[x] who is my crush: hah why do you wanna know -is creeped-
[x] where do you want to go on your honeymoon: Tenn.
[x] do i find myself ugly: do I? dun care do you? dun know
[x]do others find you attractive: dun know

First job: the one I have right now
First kiss: in Ohio
First screen name: Swamp Kitten
First self purchased CD: Pokemon - 2 b a master
First funeral: dun remember
First piercing/tattoo: have my ears peirced
First credit card: nope...
First true love: Nick
First enemy: dont remember
First big trip: Ireland visitin the G-pa
First concert: I was like 6 months old . . .
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Milli Vanilli

Last big car ride: never really had one
Last kiss: a while ago
Last library book checked out: dont remember
Last movie seen: South Park
Last beverage drank: coke
Last food consumed: olies
Last phone call: Sis
Last CD played: Wake Up - Lost Prophets
Last annoyance: People
Last soda drank: Dr. Pepper
Last ice cream eaten: long ago no remembering it
Last time Yelled at: yesterday ago
Last shirt worn: it was plad
Last website visited: LJ

09 things you look forward to:
1.) Sara's "Shin- dig"
2) Hangin with Jess.
3) um
4) yeah
5) maybe . . . seeing friends
6) if Brit. Spears dies!
7) new Marilyn Manson CD *Steals again . . . -so lazy-*
8) not being bored *stole Brads answer*
9) Jump Start coming to St. Auggie.

8 things you wear:
1) shirts
2) pants/shirts
3) stockings
4) nail polish
5) "Kiss me, I'm confused" button.
6) Faery necklace from Kitana <3
7) socks
8) hair bows

07 things that annoy you:
1) Religion
2) Stupid people
3) Homophobia
4) Not being able to understand someone
5) Not hearing correctly
6) Bush. Period!
7) The Election
*Syole most ALL from Brad*

-name: Amber
-gender: F
-height: 5 3'
-haircolor: Golden rod Blonde
-eyecolor: Grey
-location: Florida
-fears: things

-peed your pants: when I was little
-cheated on someone: no
-fallen off the bed: yupperz
-fallen for a relative: no ewe
-had plastic surgery: no ewe
-failed a grade: nope
-had your heart broken: don't wanna talk about it!
-done something you regret: who doesn't?

-wearing: clothes
-listenin to: nothing
-chewin: Nothing
-feeling: bored
-readin: this
-located: my dining room
-chattin with: nota person
-watchin: The stuff that I’m typing *Brad's*

-brush your teeth: everyday 3 times
-like anybody: i guess
-have any piercings: yes
-drive: yes
-believe in santa claus: of course!!
-ever get off the computer: yesh!

-who is your best: If I had one I'd tell you
-who is the loudest: Amber -didn't I have some of these questions already?-
-who is the shyest: Sara
-who is the hottest: oh man . . . I dunno . . .- thinks-
-who is the cutest: Kristi/Stormi they can get away with anything :P
-who laughs the most: mostly . . . no one now
-who have you known the longest: Alex <3 dude
-who have you known the shortest: Tigger!!!!
-do you hang out with a certain type: no
-do you hang out with the opposite sex: yes
-do you trust your friends: one of them
-are you a good friend: i guess not . . .
-can you keep a secret: 100%

-hugged: Aunt Kath.
-gave e-props: wha?? - confused -
-IMed: - long time ago- Brad
-talked to on the phone: Crystal
-yelled at: dont know
-fell in love with: Nick
-tripped: Tom!!! that was great!!! he's such an ass!

-what do you want to be when you grow up : I have to choose between like, 6 things
-what is your most embarrassing storty: Do you mean story (*steals sara's, and Brad's answer*)
-do you have a boy/girlfriend: no
-if you had an extra set of eyes, where would you put them? wow . . . . do you have an extra set of eyes?!
-what do you usually think about before going to bed: about the things I did wrong in that day

-movie: hmm . .
-group of the moment: . . .
-store: The Internet
-relative: Aunt
-vacation spot: Tenn.
-ice cream flavor: vanilla
-fruit: Strawberries
-candy: starburst
-holiday: do I have one?
-day of the week: Wens.
-color: not sure
-magazine: falling from heaven -haven't found it in Florida, dun know if they still sell it-

-like giving hugs: yes
-like walking in the rain: yes
-sleep with or without clothes on: depends
-prefer black or blue pens: Blue
-dress up on halloween: oh yesh
-have a job: yes
-like to travel: yes
-sleep on your side, tummy, or back: side
-want to marry: I'm too young to die!!!!!!!
-have a goldfish: Corey got it at a fair, and I ran over it right after -oops-
-have stuffed animals: many

-single or taken: Single
simple or complicated: Both
-law or anarchy: mix em'
-mtv or bet: Fuse
-7th heaven or dawsons creek: Dawsons Creek
-sugar or salt: depends
-silver or gold: silver
-chocolate or flowerz: flowers, i dont like chocolate
-color or black-white photos: black and white
-m&ms or skittles: skittles
-rap or rock: rock
-stay late or sleep in: sleep in
-tv or radio: dun care
-hot or cold: Cold
-taller members of the opposite sex or shorter: Dun care
-sun or moon: Moon
-diamond or ruby: . . .
-left or right: Neither
-10 acquaintances or one best friend: One best friend
-kids or no kids: No kids
-cat or dog: cat
-half empty or half full: Half full
-mustard or ketchup: Ketchup
-newspaper or magazine: paper
-spring or fall: fall
-give or receive: Give
-rain or snow: dun know
-a year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship: Lifetime of friendship
-happy or sad: Happy
-wonder or amazement: Wonder
-mcdonalds or burger king: burger king
-mexican or italian food: Mexican
-lights on or off: Off
-duct tape or scotch tape: Duct tape
-candy or soda: candy...
-a house in da woods or city: woods
-Converse or DC: converse
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I Built a Pretty HATE mACHINE!!!!! [30 Aug 2004|09:29pm]
I have a weird way of saying things I guess . . . .
oh man Tommy . . . some freshmen chick was askin ME questions about you cause I was talkin to Mrs. Fulmer about third period. SHE'S SCARIER THAN ME!!!!

I randomly talk to myself in 3rd person to see if it will interest me

"...a note placed on the door reads "abducted by aliens..will be back as soon as i can"

-Spaz is out
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Me . . . Christina . . . Sex!!!! [23 Aug 2004|08:48pm]
Your Ultimate One Night Stand... by crispnite
LJ Username
Favorite animal
You invite over...
They bring...
You talk about...
You end up...having explicit sex
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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. . . Its the end for all our futures . . . [23 Aug 2004|07:32pm]

"Oh somewhere deep inside of these bones
An emptiness begins to grow.
Theres something out there, far from home
A longing that I've never know . . .!! " - Jack skeleton, Pumpkin King

 . . . . .This has . . .  some kind of meaning to me . . . . I know it!!

Help me out.


Any ways . . .

I'm out like a flash light

Pieces, and love



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